Next Meeting is Virtual

<<Meeting update>>

We are currently meeting in the Van Leeuwen's garage until further notice by Ed. Watch the monthly newsletter Ed sends for more information. Thanks Mike and Carla VanLeeuwen for the great time, look forward to more!!!

Due to the Chicom-19 virus, the meeting room has been closed at the airport until further notice. Please send JPEG pictures to Ed Tharp and he will forward them to me, Steve, to add to the website. Ed would like everyone to continue building and sending pictures during this pandemic. Stay safe and model on! 

We meet the first Sunday of each Month.


We hope you join us at our next meeting!

Prescott Airport Admin Building
6546 Crystal Lane
Prescott, AZ 86301
NOV2020 Show.pdf NOV2020 Show.pdf
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Type : pdf

 Ernest A. Love Model Display Cards

Print these out to use for library display or shows!

Ernest_A_Love Model Display cards_2.pdf Ernest_A_Love Model Display cards_2.pdf
Size : 120.557 Kb
Type : pdf

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