Wingnut Wings Group Build!

Ends September 2013
The Sonoran Desert Model Builders in Tucson are hosting a Wingnut Wings Group Build through September 2013 and our chapter is invited to participate!  All pictures of your build progress can be submitted to Ed and he will forward to the webmaster. SDMB's website is linked below and will be updated as the builds progress!

Get your WW1 build going!


Rules: None! Just finish any WNW kit by September 2013 and get pictures to Ed! He will forward them to Red Steve for posting!

Prizes: None. Just a nice leisurely build with your fellow modelers
and the
satisfaction that you built a fine Wingnut Wings kit!

Click below to see build updates! :

WNW Group Build Progress

(Pictures will be updated as the builds progress, so check back often!!)
Listed below are the kits and the builders (so far) for our
WNWGB 2013! Be sure to click the link above for pictures!!!

Lt. Ernest A. Love IPMS Chapter

                      Ed Tharp:     Albatros D.V

Sonoran Desert Model Builders IPMS Chapter

                   Clara Triem:    Bristol Fighter and Fokker D.VII (Fok)
Dave the Weatherman:      Fokker D.VII (Alb)

                    Red Steve:     Fokker D.VII (OAW)
                          Bill O:      FE.2b (Early)
                        Todd P:     Fokker E.III (Late)
            Chuck Wacker:     Albatros D.Va

Get Started! Ends September 2013
Join our build and have Fun!

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